About BaktharaHalli Homestay

If Chikmagalur is your destination of choice and you love nature and enjoy serenity and look forward to rediscovering yourself and sharing special moments with your family, Baktharahalli Homestay is the place to be. For those who usually drive in bumper to bumper traffic, and stress with workload, you couldn't have chosen a better destination than Chikmagalur for a weekend getaway. And if you wanted to have the finest in the world waiting on you, you can’t choose a better destination than Baktharahalli Homestay.

Our homestay also offers a great holiday experience filled with adventure and excitement. Discover breath-taking waterfalls.

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Customer Satisfaction

Quality in a service is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it. Our team support our customer in friendly manner and guide them thought out they stay in our resort.

Trust & Safety

With the largest network of homestays spread across India and guests from around the world, we believe that it is your TRUST in us that makes it work.

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